Greg Zeck grew up in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul. 

He has a BA from the University of Minnesota (English, German) and a PhD in American literature from the University of Texas at Austin.

He taught college writing and literature courses in Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, and, as a Fulbright fellow, in Serbia of the former Yugoslavia. He also had a practice in business communications (called Young Zeck Image Communications).

In 2011, he retired with his wife Jennifer and moved from Minnesota to Fayetteville in Northwest Arkansas. In retirement he’s continued to write and publish poetry, including two books.  He stays busy with reading, writing, biking, hiking, gymming (a verb, he understands), and avoiding for the time being the obits and the crime pages.

To contact Greg, leave a comment on these web pages, or email him at gregzeck@gmail.com.

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