Young Zeck

Greg Zeck is a writer living in retirement in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

He started his career as an teaching writing and literature at colleges in Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, his native state, and, one year, as a Fulbright lecturer in Serbia, then part of Yugoslavia.

Young Zeck is the name of the freelance writing and communications business Greg formed in the 1980s with a graphic designer named Young. That partnership is long gone, but even in retirement, Greg works hard to be as young as he can in both spirit and body.

In retirement, he reads, writes, bikes, hikes, gardens, and does everything possible to stay out of the crime section and the obits.

In the blog that comprises the majority of these pages, Greg poses questions like

  • what beliefs or values do we profess (or confess, or suppress)?
  • what experiences do we offer, or withhold from, family, friends, and community?
  • how does art, especially the writing arts, help us live in a turbulent and unsettling world? or does it have little if any bearing on daily life?

Please enter into the conversation, replying to anything written here or proposing topics of your own. For a lot of people, writing is pain, in part perhaps because of the way it’s taught. I’d like to see that change.


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