Veterans’ Day

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Veterans’ Day.

And I myself am a veteran, a viejo.

Not of the same foreign wars that many old patriot windbags blow on about, but of the psychological wars of living and dying in America.

Of seeing my older brother live and die in America.

Of the indifference and contempt in which artists are held in America.

No place for them, for they will not put their artistic, or queer, or simply reluctant shoulders to the capitalist wheel.

Produce, don’t mooch, motherfucker.

Be useful, sad fuck. Make a tire, make a house, make a creampuff, whatever.

This art of yours — Useless! Subversive! Communistical!

Take these bizarre ideas of yours and shove ‘em up your ass.

And get to work, you clown, for the greater good and glory of society.

Moleman thinger
Moleman is the story Gerry created in the 1970s in Minneapolis at a time when his study was located in the basement. This must have been the entryway to the underworld — and many discoveries not imagined by the richer upper world of the bourgeoisie.


6 thoughts on “Veterans’ Day

    1. Thanks, Carl. I didn’t mean to be so hard, or harsh, but the judgment of the public is disabling. My brother couldn’t keep a job to save his soul. But with his art he might have arranged that. (Tried to put an image up, but WP hasn’t cooperated so far.)

      1. I have an artist, a musician and an mma fighter in my family. All artists in their own way. Your brother was lucky to have someone (you) that understood he NEEDED to be an artist. God Bless Greg and be safe in these turbulent times. Carl

        1. Very well put, Carl, re the need to be an artist — not something you can predict, analyze, or commodify. If artists appear to be indifferent to money, they may be all too well aware of the social costs of not having it.

  1. We don’t need to be alike. We need artists and poets and writers. Fuck the society that does not honor them. I am sorry for your pain Greg. I like seeing the posts of his art…I would liked to have know such a man. Hugs, Jane

    1. Gerry worked from pain as well as curiosity, Jane. He didn’t know what world he occupied, or would fit in, and so created mythical and imaginative worlds populated by creatures like Moleman, Zupa and Puma, Tanda, and Buddha Saint Turtleman. I have lots of his drawings, which deserve an exhibit, and lots of his words, and, you know how that goes, nothing else.

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