Gun control

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The Oregon community college killer, too confused and cowardly to be named,
says the sheriff, was enrolled in Writing 115. Before he began picking off his
classmates, he handed over to one of them, “the lucky one,” a manifesto
of obscure resentments and rages. Whether he was failing or passing
this writing class, who knows? Whether the manifesto contained run-on
sentences, subject-verb errors, pronoun agreement problems, dangling
modifiers, incoherence galore. He killed his teacher, Lawrence Levine, 67,
of Glide, an avid fisherman and good writer. Grandma, a survivor sobs,
He killed my teacher. I saw it. The community will pull together, according
to the mayor. He was wearing a flak jacket, camo gear and more ordnance
than you would need to blow up the entire MLA Committee on Community
College Best Writing Practices. He is said to have practiced with his mother,
toting guns, not pens, the two of them, to shooting ranges, making a point
of squinting and taking aim at the obstacles life presented in their long trudge
since divorce from daddy the Englishman. Kim Saltmarsh Dietz, 59, died
at the scene, a very energetic, very kind, kind soul, according to her ex,
who loves her still, an exceptional woman. Lucero Alcaraz, 19, died too.
There is no sense in talking about it, his father says, though he says it
in Spanish. What is the point in showing our pain? Jason Johnson, 20,
had just begun his first week at the school after passing a Salvation
Army drug rehab program. Quinn Glen Cooper, 18, was funny, sweet,
compassionate, a wonderful loving person who loved martial arts,
dancing, and acting. Our lives are shattered beyond repair, his family
says. Lucas Eibel, 18, an amazing soccer player, had just graduated
high school with outstanding marks. Sarena Dawn Moore, 44, a Seventh-
day Adventist, was among others singled out as a Christian. Treven Taylor
Anspach, 20, a name that might’ve been fresh off the boat,  was one
of the most positive people you could ever know. So too was  Rebecka
Ann Carnes, just 18, just starting on life’s mysterious, shall we say glorious path?
Her beautiful spirit will be enormously missed. May they all rest in peace.

2 thoughts on “Gun control

  1. I read it again and again, love it… If the media would get on the same page as this sheriff – “too confused and cowardly to be named” – then there would be no fame and there’d be less copycats. But I suppose that isn’t possible with social media. Flush that idea…

    1. It seems that disturbed people have a tendency to copy their whacked-out brethren. I wonder if this represents some kind of culmination of our common unoriginality. If you look at Facebook, for example, 95% of the content is simply people quoting other people, pasting up cute sayings, shoving photos (copies of the people or things being photographed) in your face, and otherwise insisting on their unoriginality. If I’m not original and can’t hope to be, what better way to get attention than by copying someone who’s already gotten attention? (I used to get really mad when I heard writers described as “content providers,” but then the corporate world wants anything but originality. It wants writers to deposit their pre-formed drivel into the provided forms, say, in brochures or on the web. It wants money, ka ching, ka ching, and let’s make it, and more of it, the same way we always have, ka ching.)

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