Your attention, please

The wife and I did a little grocery shopping late this afternoon, at Walmart. When we checked out, the woman in line in front of us was on her cellphone gabbling. She paid no attention to and wasted no pleasantries on the checkout clerk, Zach (to judge by his name tag). I was thinking this is rude, isn’t it? Even if it’s a common commercial transaction. Put down your phone, lady, and look the kid in the face.

Don’t know if the kid looked us in the face, not at least till the end of his scanning when he tossed one lone zucchini into the bag in the carrousel and rang it up as a cucumber.

No, Zach, these are zucchini. (Like cucumbers, they’re members of the Cucurbitaceae family, true. Without warts.
And notice the cap of the blossom end folded over those cute little ears!)

“Zach,” I said. “Eat your vegetables. That’s a zucchini.”

At which poor Zach blushed and finished up the transaction.

Hope I didn’t hurt his feelings just ’cause he too wasn’t paying (hadn’t paid) much attention to the wonderful world of veggies.

Yes, Zach, this is a cucumber, green and warty.

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