Another rainy day

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We’ve been locked out of our website for a few months.

Something called a “brute force attack” (I must apologize, in quotes, for such verbal indelicacies) knocked us out and wiped out all blog posts going back several years.

Some of these posts were pretty decent, too. Or the beginning of something that could have been pretty decent.

Did I back these posts up? Hmmmm, might’ve tried, with the limited knowledge and patience I have for things technical. I know the posts are stored in a WordPress database, but I’m not sure where that might be either on the WordPress “backend” (sorry, another verbal indelicacy!) or on my computer.

What to do, then, but start all over again?

It’s raining today in Northwest Arkansas, where I live, after a spell of hot, dry weather. What better way to begin something new than under the auspices of the rain?

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